History Of The Super Bowl In Florida

More than 1/3 of all Super Bowls have been played in the Sunshine State. The Super Bowl has been played more times in Florida than any other state. Including Super Bowl XLIV 2010 in Miami, 15 games have been played in Florida. Other states that have hosted the Super Bowl are California (13), Louisiana (7), Texas (2), Georgia (2), Arizona (2), Michigan (2), and Minnesota (1).

Super Bowl XLIV is the 10th Super Bowl in Miami. The other Florida Super Bowls were played in Tampa(4 games) and Jacksonville (1 game).

Jan 30, 2011

Tampa Wants Super Bowl Back For 2015

Tampa and Miami will both make a bid for the 2015 Super Bowl. It's not just up to the cities though, first they will have to receive an invitation from the NFL to be among places considered for the game. Given the balmy climate and tourist friendly atmosphere, that shouldn't be a problem. Tampa and Miami were both strong contenders for 2014, but lost to New York - the first cold weather venue in a an open stadium for the Super Bowl, who was favored because they will play in a new stadium. We'll have to see how that works out. Maybe they'll have the kinks worked out of their snow plow brigade by then. Florida has hosted more Super Bowl games than any other state, the longest it has gone without hosting is 4 years. So, odds are good for 2015. Tampa has hosted 4 times, and Miami has hosted 10 times.

Feb 7, 2010

Saints Win Their First Super Bowl

Breaking News: The Saints beat the Colts 31-17. This was the first Super Bowl for the Saints, and the second for the Colts.



Forecast for game day in Miami: High 62, mostly clear skies, no rain predicted.


Sun Life Stadium aka Dolphin Stadium aka LandShark Stadium

Sun Life Stadium aka Dolphin Stadium aka LandShark Stadium

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